Ausley Construction Partners


The Liberty Group

The Liberty Group invests in, acquires, develops and manages commercial properties of all types including hotels, business and office space, and warehousing. In addition, we acquire and operate small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries that we have identified as having a strong potential for growth. We provide a variety of services to enhance the communities in which we operate in order to attract new businesses and promote economic growth.

Flow Consulting

Founded in 2001, Flow Consulting continues to lend its expertise to businesses large and small, from goods manufacturing, industrial construction, and service processes, and to those who specialize in the acquisition and integration of companies. Flow specializes in LeanSigma for Service Processes, Leadership Development, Project Management, IT Operations Support, Supply Chain Management and Chemical Lean Manufacturing among others.


“In an industry sometimes rife with carelessness and indifference, Ausley Construction represents a notable exception.”


“Your team met all specifications required by the Varian Clinac iX Medical Linear Accelerator and was prepared to assist in a seamless install and startup.”