Welcome Hiers Baxley

Ausley Construction would like to thank Hiers Baxley for trusting our construction team with their Life Event Center.
Construction updates and progress photos will be added here as warranted.

Project & Site

Hiers Baxley – Life Event Center | 3975 Wedgewood Land, The Villages, FL 32162

Project Schedule

Download estimated project schedule. – Updated 09.01.2016


06.17.2016 – Building Department issued a Permit.

06.30.2016 – Pre-Construction meeting with The Villages was held.

07.05.2016 – Ausley Construction is scheduled to mobilize and begin construction.

The Month Ahead

Complete Project Layout.
Clear and Grub Site.
Construct Building Pad.
Install Underground Utilities.
Stabilize Parking Areas.
Complete Building Foundations and Stem Wall.


Site/Building Layout and Survey.
Site Cleared and Grubbed.
Site Underground Utilities 60% Complete.
Building Pad Completed.
Building Foundations Dug, Prepped and Poured.
Stem Wall Started.

The Month Ahead

Complete Underground Utilities.
Lime Rock the Parking Lot.
Complete Masonry Stem Wall.
Plumbing and Electrical Slab Rough-in.
Slab Prep and Pour.
Start on Masonry Walls.

Completed in the Month of August

Underground Utilities 90% Complete.
Lime Rock Parking Lot 40% Complete.
Masonry Stem Wall Completed.
Plumbing and Electrical Slab Rough-in Completed.
Slab Prepped and Poured.
Masonry Walls 90% Complete.

Work To Be Completed in September

Top Out Masonry Walls.
Complete Form and Pour Work.
Set Structural Steel.
Install Roof Joists.
Install Roof Trusses.
Complete Roof Decking.